Uniformed Diabetic Diet Program


Uniformed Diabetic Diet Program

Diabetes is a condition where a person’s body stops producing insulin. Thus, it leads to high blood sugar. Insulin is a hormone that moves sugar from the food we eat to the blood. Thus, this is the reason why diabetic people consume less sugary food. Moreover, such a person needs to maintain a healthy diet. A diet which consists of natural sugar intake as it is healthy and provides great energy.

We provide a diabetic diet plan for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes diet plan includes high nutrient intake and insulin dosage. It means checking up on the carbohydrates counting as carbs contains a high level of sugar which harms the body.

Also, within our diet plan, you will find food items managed according to balanced consumption.

Type 2 diabetes diet plans consist of consuming complex carbohydrates. Also, food with a low glycemic load and proteins.

How does customized Diabetic diet program work?

Our customized Diabetic diet program designed with needs and problems of the client. Also, we provide proper maintenance of food logs. A continuous monitoring of food items are ideal for a diabetic person. Thus, our experts help you in understanding and keeping up with sugar readings. Also we help with the food items that contain less sugar content.

Diabetic Diet Plan

We cater to every needs of our clients with our diabetic diet plan. The process of controlling diabetes start with-

  • An analysis of your eating habits, lifestyle, medical problems, reasons for weight gain, etc. It can be undertaken on a call, email, or a visit to the clinic.
  • A complete 10-day diet plan sent to the client through WhatsApp, email, or a chart.
  • You can buy our online diet plans, which are hassle-free and easy to follow.
  • We indulge everything in our diets. Such as sweet tooth, burgers, etc. We have our customized plan drawn as per your needs.
  • Our dietician also provides some tips that are useful in the future as well.

Diabetic Diet Package

Thus, if you want to join us for controlling and managing your diabetes problem, then after a consultation call, we will provide you with a complete diabetic diet chart. It includes each step of our service package. Moreover, our dieticians believe in providing a sustainable diet plans. It gives long-term results, thus we have no space for a crash diet or mono diets.

What to expect from our Diabetic Diet Program?

With our exceptional diabetic diet program, your lifestyle will be changed. Also, you will feel more energetic, pumped up, and active throughout the day. Moreover, we help to balance your blood sugar level and maintain it throughout.

Diabetic Diet Program Monthly Packages

3 Months

Our 3 months diabetic diet program involves 8 to 12 diet plans with different food items. Also, you can choose whichever best suits you. This program also involves yoga live sessions with professionals.

6 Months

Under a 6 months diabetic diet program, you will get 16-24 diet plans of various categories. Choose the one that fits into your kitchen. Additionally, this program comes with some mind relaxing live yoga sessions.

9 Months

The 9 months diabetic diet program customized according to the needs of the clients. We provide around 24-36 diet plans with various varieties. We also provide live yoga sessions for a healthy mind.

Yearly/12 Months

Our 12 months designed diabetic diet program fulfills requirements of our clients. This program has 24-36 various diet plans. This plan also comes with live yoga sessions. We aim for a consistent follow-up thrice a week with the client. It helps to ensure their consistency and boost their motivation.